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Festival Artists Line Up (A-Z)

Song & Music

"Welcome to the Concert and Song section."
As always we have a huge variety of artists. A really exciting development is that two of our top line guests have recently been honoured in the annual BBc Folk awards 2015. Nancy kerr won "Folk Singer of the Year" and The Young Uns were voted Best Group.
So there you have it - some of the very best in the folk world are playing at this years festival Brilliant! Our other top line artists are delivering quality music and song around the whole world butstill retain that honest, down to earth,"folk" feel. It is always our intention to produce a high quality, participative and sharing experience at the festival. Looking at this years list, we cant fail on that one.
Check out the artits info below and come and join us.

Social Dance

"Welcome to the Social Dance section."
Frances Richardson
Joe Hodgson
Keeping Thyme
Lisa Greenleaf (USA)
Stick Shift
The Falconers
Anne Daye
Bristol Players
David & Kathryn Wright
Folkus Pocus
John & Karen Sweeney
Les Barclay
Lynne Render
Maggie Daniel
Marj Hendy
Perfect Cure (Irish)
Pete Hendy
Ros Batchelor
Weston Country Dance Band

Story Telling

"Welcome to the Story Telling section."

Every year we have a series of storytelling workshops and performances. The lunchtime session is popular where you can take a story with you and share it with the host and other tellers.
As always we have the wonderful Ursula Holden Gill and a couple of others to assist you and encourage you to do a tale or two.
In addition we will have a Poetry event with our own Wiltshire "Bard" Andy Fawthrop with a chance to listen to one of his poems (good they are too!) and maybe do one of your favourites too.


Children at Chippenham have their very own festival area on Island Park. The Castle is Open each day, from 9:30 till 5:30 for under 12's. With a friendly team of stewards and full programme of professional artists on hand to make sure everyone has a great time.


Primary school children from local schools are invited to attend the festival on the Friday. Each child takes part in 2 workshops in the morning, then displays in the afternoon in front of the other schools.

Big Top Concerts

Welcome to the "Specials" section.
Here you will find details of some of the extra special events that we would like to you try out. The Big Top Concerts are usually based around a theme and this year we have THE TALE OF ALE (sat), A comedy special "You're Having A Laugh" (sun) and Mick Ryan's A DAYS WORK (mon).

One of the other special events include Brian Peters and Jeff Davis in "Sharps Harvest" a show exploring songs collected by Cecil Sharp
Sharp's Appalachian Harvest
In 1916, English songhunter Cecil Sharp ventured into the heart of the Southern
Appalachians and noted down sixteen hundred old ballads, ditties and fiddle tunes, many surviving from the 18th folk music collections ever made. Brian Peters and Jeff Davis tell the story of the hardships and triumphs of this heroic quest in music, song and words, illustrated with Sharp's superb photographs of the mountain characters who kept the tradition alive. This will be in the Cause on Saturday.