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Wiltshire Folk Arts
Mike Haring Folk Show

Festival Artists Line Up (A-Z)

Song & Music

"Welcome to the Concert and Song section."
Here is probably one of the best concert and song artist lists that we have put on for a long time. We are really please to have the opportunityfor the WILSON FAMILY to be with us again. Not only are they truly wonderful singers but they have just completed a tour and an album with none other than STING!.
Finally after many years of trying, we have a one off performance of the Demon Barbers XL show. This is being combined with an afternoon workshop including some of Chippenhams street dancers to find out all about the links between Hip Hop style dance and traditional dance like clog and Morris. Some fabulous music and some jaw dropping dancing too. See The Special Concerts section for details on tickets soon. Keep your eye on the list and our facebook and twitter pages for regular updates on artists and shows.
Bob Berry
Concert Arranger and Festival Organiser

Social Dance

Welcome to another very full & exciting dance programme, with around 60 events to choose from! As always, the core programme comprises a balanced mix of English & American workshops & dances, plus workshops for musicians' & callers. Chippfolk takes great pride in our English dance heritage, so there is a very full programme of English Dance, including a Playford Ball. By popular demand, there will also be several Zesty Playford dances. American dance is also featured in all its forms; but Contra dancing (America's answer to Ceilidh dancing) is still all the rage, so there will be numerous high-energy Contra Dances throughout the weekend, some featuring hash-calls and medleys, including the ever-popular, high-energy Zesty Contra-Dance in the Sports Hall on Sunday - featuring Geoff Cubitt and King Kontra.

This year we will be using St Andrew's Hall (next to the church), and Stage Three marquee on Island Park (with improved floor - plus heating!), to provide even more dance space, and compensate for the loss of Wiltshire College (NB: do not attempt to park there!). [The experiment last year with St Andrew's Church received a lot of helpful feedback, and might be used in future years with suitable modifications.]

Specials: The Irish Set Dancing workshops, led by Maggie Daniel with Pendragon, will include an Irish Ceili on Monday afternoon; Ivan Aitken and Colin Hume will lead Scottish workshops; Don't miss Seth Tepfer's "Zwiefacher" (Bavarian) couple-dance workshop; Maypole Dancing for adults is back, led by Judith Veevers. Ray Goodswen will lead two Running Set workshops. Loretta Holz and Brooke Friendly, visiting from the USA, will each treat us to a workshop of their own compositions. Various callers will join Kelly's Eye for an American dance to celebrate the legacy of legendary caller Bernard Chalk, who inspired many of the UK's American dance callers, and started the UK contra scene with London Barndance Company. There will also be a series of Callers workshops for new & existing callers

Ceilidh & Social Dance cross-over event: Lunchtime Ceilidh with Barrie Goodman & Double Dichotomy at Midday on Sunday.

Festival Orchestra: Peter and Moira Gutteridge of Dampiers Round will be leading the Festival Orchestra workshops again this year, culminating in the Festival Orchestra's "Big Band Dance" on Monday, again on stage in the Neeld Hall, with the ebullient & inexplicable Pete Hendy calling (who at 6'8" needs no stage!).

Feedback: We are frequently told that Chippenham provides one of the best festival dance programmes in the country; if you agree, tell your friends, if not, tell us. We need your feedback (good & bad) and suggestions, by email or via the web, to ensure that we keep improving & developing.


Primary school children from local schools are invited to attend the festival on the Friday. Each child takes part in 2 workshops in the morning, then displays in the afternoon in front of the other schools.
Kim Woodward[ FRI ]
Marj Hendy[ FRI ]
Peter Eames[ FRI ]
Susan Parkin[ FRI ]

Special Events

Chippenham has always been pleased to offer a few special events.
Here are a few starting with THE BIG TOP CONCERTS.
The idea behind these concerts are that they should be about a concept of theme around which artists specially booked and some that are already on the performers list all find material that fits the theme.

We are presenting 3 different shows this year between 6.30pm and 8.30pm in the Island park big tent.

Saturday is a show called "In the Fold of the Land" celebrating the park, the river, the town and where it sits within the landscape of the area and will be a fascinating array of song, music, dance and narration. More details and some great images will be found on the Blog pages soon.
Sunday will be Irish Night! Along with some of the Bath Irish Music Session players we will see a truly brilliant bit of the Irish "Craic". We have asked the O'Donoghue Irish Dance troupe to come to the festival and show some of their fabulous Irish Dancing. Donal McGuire will attempt to hold the whole thing together.
Monday Night sees the Festival Big Top shows ending in a massively brilliant show with the Demon Barbers. This will be loud and proud and will really shake the pigeons out of the trees. More in the blog pages and on Facebook & Twitter soon.
There are 200 tickets for each of these these shows and they will be on sale soon @12.00GBP each. however, if you have a season ticket for that day/eve this will give you access to the concert (space permitting).


A Woman's Work A presentation of songs about women's work through time.
Grace Notes explore female occupations that are represented in traditional and contemporary material, from the C16th to the present day
You will hear songs and stories that span five centuries, from a fifteenth century Queen to a reluctant office-worker in the 21st century; and meet mothers, migrants, mill workers....laundry lasses, lace-makers and lavender girls...buffers and doffers and costers.

"Maids may sit still, go or run but a woman's work is never done"
This show is on Saturday afternoon in The Cause

"The Search for Five Finger Frank" features new arrangements of both classic and rare folk songs unearthed from the treasure trove that is the Frank Kidson collection. His first and most enduring song collection "Traditional Tunes" was first published in 1891, ten years before Cecil Sharp had even heard his first folk song and yet "He lived to be obscured where once he had been considered the foremost authority". This show celebrates and commemorates the incredible legacy of a man widely regarded as "a pioneer of the folk song revival".
The show is on Sunday at The Cause Music & Arts Centre.