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Festival Artists Line Up (A-Z)

Here are the artists booked so fa for the 2016 festival.
They are all in sections for you to find easily. Use one of the links below to go directly to that section i.e. Social Dance or just scroll down and view all the acts that are with us this year. If you click on their individual links you will find most of the things you need to know about that band or performer. There are videos, sound samples and info on their web pages and photos.

Social Dance

This year's Social Dance programme comprises over 60 events, with three dances every evening, including the first & last nights, which will each feature unmissable UK & USA talent – so don't arrive late and don't leave early!

There will be the full range of English & American workshops & dances, including Zesty Contra, Zesty Playford, and The Playford Ball, plus Running Set, Scottish, and Irish Set Dance workshops & Ceili.

* Kathy Anderson & Brooke Friendly with Roguery (all from the USA), Geoff Cubitt with Vertical Expression, and Victoria Yeomans with Keeping Thyme will be opening the festival with a bang, so don't be late!
* There is a Scottish theme to the festival on the Sunday, so Ivan Aitken & Barrie Bullimore will each lead a Scottish Dance workshop.
* Barrie Bullimore will lead three Running Set workshops.
* The legendary Val Knight and daughter Maddy will lead the Irish Set Dance workshops & Ceili with The Perfect Cure Band.
* There will also be a series of Callers workshops & Showcase Dance for new & existing callers, and I will be talent-spotting.
* The three Finale Dances will feature three bands and seven callers; and in case you can't decide which to attend, the callers will rotate round two of the venues at half-time. It's going to be awesome!

Venue changes for 2016:
* Social Dancing will continue to use the Sports Hall, newly-renovated Neeld Hall, and Town Hall.
* Additionally, St Andrew's Church will be used throughout the weekend (except Sunday morning), fitted with a dance floor designed & built by our own craftsmen, providing a dance floor similar in size to the Neeld Hall.

All venues will be provided with good-quality Festival PA and dedicated sound-engineers.

Festival Orchestra:
* As well as playing as a dance band, 3D will be leading the Festival Orchestra this year, aided and abetted by the ever popular Pete Hendy, with whom they have devised a varied and interesting programme for the orchestra's centre stage performance on Monday.
* Come and join in the fun, playing some excellent dance music in the setting of a big band. All welcome!

Callers' Practical Workshops and New Callers' Showcase:
* Callers' practical workshop on Saturday re working with PA and recorded media, led by Ivan Aiken & Mike Courthold, with topics to include:
-- choosing & setting up equipment, especially mixers;
-- dealing with awkward acoustics & feedback;
-- deciding which type of recorded media to use, and how to store, index, play it.
* Callers' practical workshop & Showcase preparation, led by Ivan Aitken & Mike Courthold, with music provided by Keeping Thyme.
-- If you would like the chance to practice calling to a live band, with mentoring from Ivan & Mike, and the potential to call in the Showcase on Monday, bring something to call, but note that you won't be able to use special music.
* New Callers Showcase, with music provided by Keeping Thyme, and MCs Ivan Aitken & Mike Courthold.
-- An opportunity to dance to some new talent and for new & existing callers to get noticed.
-- NB: Callers should attend the Callers' Showcase preparatory workshop on Sunday and/or contact Mike Courthold in advance via email to dance@chippfolk.co.uk.

Story Telling

"Welcome to the Story Telling section."


Primary school children from local schools are invited to attend the festival on the Friday. Each child takes part in 2 workshops in the morning, then displays in the afternoon in front of the other schools.

Big Top Concerts

"Welcome to the Specials section."
This section contains info about our Big Top concerts and other special events over the weekend
We have 3 this year starting with:

"Folk by Degrees" Saturday 6.30-8.30pm

This year is an opportunity to see some of the very best of what has recently emerged and is still attending the Newcastle University Folk Degree course.
We are sure of one thing - they produce some amazing performers.

In this special concert we present PONS AELIUS, THE RACHEL HAMER BAND and a host of other performers currently on the course. They are here to show us what they are doing with folk music and also to work with some appreciative stalwarts of the folk scene which hopefully will broaden everyone's mind to where Folk is going in the future.
The concert will be hosted by no less than the current Director of the Folk Degree courses, Catriona MacDonald and superb singer, voice coach and lecturer Sandra Kerr.

SCOTLAND!This is my Country
Sunday 6.30-8.30pm
If you fancy a wee bit o' Scottish on the Sunday evening we will have it in abundance!
We have pulled together some of the cream of Scotland to deliver you into the highlands and beyond. Isla St.Clair, Mrs Bruce's Boys (Ian & Fraser Bruce) Moira Craig,The Pipes and Drums of the Scots Guards Association, Hopscotch Scottish dancers and all glued together by the wonderful Hector Gilchrist.
If you like a bit of Scottish in your weekend then this'll do it. Details of concert timings and tickets coming soon.
There will be two other specials- more details soon !

"The Pitmen Poets" Monday 6.30-8.30pm
This is a critically acclaimed show about the mining communities of Northumberland and Durham. Presented by Bob Fox, Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell and Benny Graham, it tells of the history, trials and tribulations of how the mining industry shaped the lives of the families and working men of the area. These hugely popular artists provide a fascinating insight into a way of life that is gone, but certainly not forgotten.

All Big Top shows are accessible with Full season, Day or Evening ticket (space permitting) or £10 at the box office or via this web site.


The following sides have confirmed that they will be part of the colourful busking display at Chippenham Folk Festival this year. If you think your side is coming to dance but you are not listed please get in touch: displays@chippfolk.co.uk

The busking programme will be going out soon - make sure you are included.

Come and create the colours of this friendly festival.