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David & Kathryn Wright

Kathryn & David Wright - "The Wrights of Lichfield" in the title of one of Gary Roodman's dances - have been calling as a duo for nearly 40 years and run a popular series of dance workshops in Lichfield. They have previously called at Casterton, Chippenham, Eastbourne, Lichfield, Morland, Sidmouth, Southam Stonesfield and Whitby and weekend AADS courses in Belgium. They have published some their own researched and original dances in "Wrights' Humours" and "The Vesey Collection" and their dance "Freeford Gardens" seems to crop up in programmes all over the world. Their tastes in social dance are wide, from Playford to New England squares and contras, old and new, simple and complex. They enjoy the challenge of making a difficult dance accessible and also like to encourage the integration of good dance technique with dancers’ enjoyment of the dance figures.

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