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Nikki Muckle & Steve Earwicker (Bal Folk)

Steve Earwicker & Nikki Muckle have been involved in the French Dance world for over 25 years. They were part of the Nottingham Playhouse French Sessions in the 1990s that later grew into the amazing Ockbrook French Session. As well as French dance they have also been active in Appalachian Dance, Cotswold & NW Morris, Rapper, English Stepping, Shanty Singing, West Gallery Music and English Ceilidh.

The French Bal Basics workshop in St Andrews Church at 1.30 on Saturday afternoon is aimed at beginners and will cover the basics you need to know to enjoy the French Bal that follows the Workshop. They will also be passing on hints & tips about dance style that will hopefully be useful in whatever dance you do! They are working with the lovely duo – Confluence – who are guaranteed to make the whole afternoon one to remember!

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