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John Kirkpatrick
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Simon Care with The Pink Ticklers

In the past ceilidh no line up like Chippenham 2020 was complete without the infamous Tickled Pink and all they did with English ceilidh music. This year was to be no exception but events overtook us. After some negotiation we persuaded (without a great deal of difficulty) Simon Care to put together - for one night only - the Pink Ticklers. They are not a new TP - that could never happen. They are not a TP replacement - that would be pointless! They are not a TP tribute band - no one could that! They are not a TP look alike - would that be possible? Who is in the band, come and see, there are old and new faces along with a guest or two to lift this final evening to match any of the weekend gigs. This is a four (3 & half) day festival get your money's worth and stay till the very end, what a way to finish!

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