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John Kirkpatrick
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The Essential Ticket Purchasing Guide

This guide has been written to assist you in requesting, purchasing and receiving of tickets for the Chippenham Folk Festival.

It includes where you can buy tickets, how to order them, the process involved in the purchase, how they get to you and how you use them on the festival weekend itself.

Festival tickets can be purchased in various ways, as listed below.

Laminated Tickets or Wristbands

You have the choice of either having your ticket as a laminated ticket for hanging on a lanyard or, this year, on a printed wristband.
Please Indicate which you would prefer in the space provided on your order form

Festival Brochure

The festival brochure has a booking form attached to it which you can fill in and send, by mail, to the festival office along with the relevant payment. The payment will be acknowledged by email (if you have one) or by post and clearance of funds through our accounts. The acknowledgement will contain your e-tickets.

The 'e-tickets' are your receipt of purchase and each e-ticket must be brought along to the festival to exchange for your actual festival tickets. This is an ideal method of purchasing your tickets if you do not want to use the on-line system or do not have internet. You can request a brochure to be sent to you by calling the festival office phone or by email.

The Web Site

There are currently three methods of purchasing tickets via the website.

The first is a 'print off' system which you fill in by hand. This is then sent to the festival office with the relevant payments. Your e-ticket receipts will either be sent via email or posted back to you after clearance of funds through our bank accounts.

The second is a fully online order and payment by card system.

The third is online but payment by cheque.

If you choose one the last two options you (the purchaser) will be asked to fill in your details and also to fill in the details of all tickets including names of ticket holders and various options about them. When this is completed you will be given two options of payment.

Card payment: Fill in the required tickets to be purchased. Click on each more info links to ensure this is the ticket you actually require and then press the green coloured "Order Now" button. This will open a new window on your screen. Note: You can return to the first screen to clear or amend your ticket requirement

This will take you to an order summary and where you fill in your payment and ticket details. This process is timed but you have one hour to fill this in. Please complete these, carefully taking note of additional boxes.
If you check the disability box we will contact you to find out your requirements and help as needed.
The payment is completed after placing the "Pay Now" button underneath the summary of tickets ordered.

Your e-tickets will be sent to you as detailed below.

Cheque payment: This option is below the "Order Now" button as a other payment options link and/ or "Pay Offline" button. Click this and you will be taken to the ticket details page where you fill in all your ticket details as per card payment. Once your ticket requirement has been completed press the "Pay by Cheque" button. You will need to send us a cheque, by post, to the festival office payable to "Chippenham Folk Festival". Once funds have been cleared through our bank account your e-tickets will be sent to you as detailed below.

What are e-tickets?

We use a company for tickets called Eventbrite to process tickets.

The receipts sent to you, either by mail or by email are called e-tickets. These are coded receipts, one for each ticket purchased and serves as your ticket receipt which MUST be brought along to the festival to exchange for your actual festival tickets. Please look after them - they are valuable. These e-tickets will be scanned and checked for validity by scanners at the box office.

Local outlets

We are currently under negotiations to allow orders to be taken in local outlets but as yet there are none available.

Festival Office

You may be able to order your tickets via the festival office telephone but this will only be available if you leave details and we can call you back to place your order. The office is not manned all the time and therefore we cannot guarantee to process your order less than within a week of your call to us.

Box Office (on the weekend)

You will, of course, be able to purchase tickets on the weekend from the box office as usual. The box office will be open from Friday 28th May 2021 at 10am

Getting onto your camp/caravan site.

If you have an e-ticket you will be allowed on site and your ticket will be stamped as having gained access to the site. You will only be allowed to get on site once using your e-tickets and these must be exchanged as soon as possible, after arrival, at the box office.

Please direct all queries regarding this guide or anything about buying tickets to either tickets@chippfolk.co.uk or by ringing our office on 01249 657190.