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Steward Volunteer Application Form

Before starting this form, make sure you've read all the information on "Volunteers Information" page to make sure you're applying for the right volunteering activities at the festival.

Please fill out this form, one person at a time (joint applications will be sent back).

(eg. forthcoming and future festival information)
Please list the times when you will be unavailable to work

Please specify what type of unit you will be staying in
(tent / caravan / campervan / motorhome) or be staying locally,
plus the who will be staying with you or you will be staying with.

1-3 Man Tent 4-5 Man Tent 6-8 Man Tent 9+ Man Tent
Standard (upto 6m/20ft long) Standard + Awning Large (over 6m/20ft long) Large + Awning
Standard (upto 6m/20ft long) Standard + Awning Large (over 6m/20ft long) Large + Awning
Standard (upto 6m/20ft long) Standard + Awning Large (over 6m/20ft long) Large + Awning

List the people you would
prefer to with work with

List those people you
would prefer to avoid

List the tasks you
can not undertake

Indicate which events you would like to steward.
Song and Music Social Dance Ceilidhs Story Telling Displays Workshops
We can't guarantee this will happen, but will do our very best.
Any non working members of your family will need to purchase a ticket.
See tickets for details or call the Festival Office 01249 659170.
Note that acceptance of this application does not constitute a right to employment under The Employment Rights Act 1996.
The information you have provided will be held on computer for the sole use of the Chippenham Folk Festival. In particular, this information will not be passed on to any other company or organisation.
I have read and agree with the Terms and conditions and, upon successful application, to be a member of the Chippenham Folk Festival Stewards.