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Everything you wanted to know about Chippenham Folk Festival

Chippenham Folk Festival is a unique and distinctive event held in the market town of Chippenham in the heart of Wiltshire. The festival features the best traditional music & dance from England and beyond.

It is an independent festival run by volunteers; Chippenham Folk Festival has been an established event in the folk calendar for 50 years. The festival aims to be vibrant yet modest, unassuming, fully inclusive and fun and a rewarding experience for all.

During the festival the High Street is engulfed in a sea of colour and sound. Dance Sides, representing traditional styles from the UK and beyond, perform at key points around the high street and the main festival site Island Park. Sides can also be found dancing and singing in the local pubs, as well as showcases in the distinctive Big Top Venue.

Open to the Public is a craft tent showcasing traditional crafts, hand produced wares and tasty treats from Fudge to Mead, also a music fair and many varied food stalls.


Those wanting a more participative festival experience can immerse themselves in tune and song sessions, both programmed and spontaneous, across the towns pubs. Beside the towns historic Butter Cross an outdoor ceilidh takes place each lunch time. 


Inside more formal festival venues there are over 200 events. These allow ticket holders to plan a weekend to suit their own tastes. To soak in the sounds at the concerts, perform in club style events, develop skills in a vast array of workshops or stomp, twirl, and swing into the night with a choice of Ceilidh, Contra and Social Dance events.


The Family Area offers a safe and fun environment for our youngest visitors whilst also introducing them to many creative elements of the traditional arts. This area is very popular with both visiting festival families and local community introducing many to the wider folk scene via story, song and dance.