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Festival Artists Line Up (A-Z)

Here are the artists booked so fa for the 2018 festival.
They are all in sections for you to find easily. Use one of the links below to go directly to that section i.e. Social Dance or just scroll down and view all the acts that are with us this year. If you click on their individual links you will find most of the things you need to know about that band or performer. There are videos, sound samples and info on their web pages and photos.

Social Dance

We are excited to welcome Stringrays (USA) and Rachel Shapiro Wallace (USA/Edinburgh) to this year’s Folk Dance programme, comprising over 70 events, with three dances every evening, including the first & last nights, featuring unmissable talent from the length & breadth of the UK – so don’t arrive late and don’t leave early! There will be a full range of English & American workshops & dances, including Zesty Contra, Zesty Playford, and The Playford Ball, plus Running Set, Irish Set Dance, Folk Waltz, and Bal Folk.

Specials: Val & Maddy Knight will lead Irish Set Dance workshops & Ceili with The Perfect Cure Band, with Maddy leading an extra workshop on steps; Nikki Muckle & Steve Earwicker will lead a Bal Folk workshop & dance with Confluence; Burt Hunter will lead Running Set workshops; Madeleine Smith & Rhodri Davies will lead Callers workshops & Showcase Dance for new & existing callers; Madeleine, Mark Elvins, and Geoff Cubitt will also share the stage with three previously-spotted new callers; Jake and Madeleine will be teaching American and English dance basics respectively on Saturday morning; Jake will also lead a Waltzing for Folk workshop; and there will be three Musicians’ Sessions/Workshops.

Festival Orchestra: As well as playing as a dance band, Stradivarious will lead the Festival Orchestra, aided and abetted by the ever popular Pete Hendy, with whom they have devised a varied & interesting programme for the orchestra’s centre stage performance on Monday. Come and join in the fun, playing some excellent dance music in the setting of a big band. All welcome!

Paul Andrews
Rod Stradling & Poppy Weatherall
Roger Middleton [ SAT ]

Family Events

A Tour of the Castle Grounds and Highlights of castle life!!

Every castle in history is a busy jumble of guilds, towers and halls. The Chippenham Folk Festival Family Castle is no different. Our castle walls may be ply wood and our towers and hall marquees, but we have everything from a blacksmiths workshop to stables.

Open from 10 to 5 the fun doesn’t even stop for lunch!! Don’t forget to bring a picnic, or check out the stalls around Island Park to enjoy with our lunch time shows.
Ade the face painting fairy [ SAT | SUN | MON ]


An integral part of Chippenham Folk Festival, particularly for those who live in the town. Primary school children from local schools are invited to attend the festival on the Friday, to experience a range of different aspects of traditional music and dance. Each attending child takes part in two separate workshops in the morning, then displays the work of the second of these in the afternoon in front of the other schools at a mass ceilidh or "barn dance".
Although the event is not attendable by the general public, it is a vital and exciting part of the festival, and the attending children gain a great deal from the experience.


Chippenham Folk Festival is renowned for the atmosphere from the huge variety of display teams that can be found showcasing up and down the high street. Throughout the town, dancers from all traditions can be found for your delight and entertainment! Browse this section to see which wonderful teams will be joining us this year.