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Gaorsach Rapper and Step

The "fast and furious"(1) Gaorsach Rapper "recognise that tradition is a living and changing thing"(2), and pose a "credible threat"(3) "as it should be - too many teams are 'safe'."(4) "A little dishevelled"(5), they combine "potentially nice tunes"(6) and "dancing on the edge"(7) with "stepping almost as fast as the music"(8), "some argy bargy"(9) and "GRRR throughout"(10), that "might not be what [you're] into, but, [you'll], like, applaud their effort."(11) Expect rapper dancing which is "scary and fast across the ground"(12), with "a fiddle used to its full potential"(13) "suited [to] the wildness of the dance"(14); this is "proper testosterone stuff"(15).

References: (1) Richard Preece (2) Clive Boutle (3) Dominic Cronin (4) Peter Brown (5) James Fitzgerald (6) Corrie Schrijver (7) Aubrey O'Brien (8) Multiple DERT judges, most years (9) Melanie Barber (10) Fiona Taylor (11) Random man in pub, Sheffield, March 2016 (12) Peter Brown, NUT, November 2015 (13) Frank Lee, (14) John Shaw (15) Peter Brown

Website: facebook.com/gaorsach.rapper

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