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John Kirkpatrick
John Kirkpatrick
supporters: Chippenham Borough Lands Chippenham Town Council The Flying Monk Cafe Grounded Brignall Opticians Prezzo in Chippenham The Squeeky Cleaners The Rise Trust The Association of Festival Organisers
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Ticket Prices

Welcome to our Ticket Booking pages

It is important that you read each page carefully and scroll down to the bottom of each page to access the booking form. Thank you.

Why buy a ticket?

Thanks for clicking here to find out more about tickets. Hundreds of people visit the festival each year and don't venture any further than the High street and the Island park. Many of these do not realise what our tickets are for.
The festival events that you can see, for free, in the high street is paid for by the people that buy tickets to the festival.
There are literally hundreds of events all over the town featuring all manner of British traditions.
Prime quality concerts by some of the finest musicians and singers from the UK folk scene, more than 7 Ceilidhs (a high energy dances) and well over 30 individual social dances (less high energy but still great fun), There are over 30 workshops where you can learn about singing, dancing, playing instruments and discussions on all sorts of topics.

All 200+ events are accessible with our Full season ticket. To show what exceptional value this check this out. If you went to just 2 workshops, a dance and a concert on each of the days at the festival each event would work out less than £7 per event. Just one of these concerts or dances at an Arts Centre could cost you as much as £20-£30.
We think that is exceptional value.
Of course, you don't have to buy a ticket but it would seriously enhance you weekend of fun if you do.
Check out the artists list and when it's published, the draft programme.
Go on - give it a try!

Here are this years prices:

2021 Festival Tickets (until 31st December 2020): 
£160.00 per Adult (from 16 years)
£80.00 per Youth (10 to 15 yrs old) 
Children FREE (0 to 9 yrs old)

‡ on the full price ticket at £180.00 / £90.00

Weekend Camping charge for both Tents and Caravans: 
£28.00 per Adult (from 16 years)
£14.00 per Youth (10 to 15 yrs old) 
Children FREE (0 to 9 yrs old)

Day tickets will be available from 1st April 2021 and evening tickets will be available from 1st May 2021.

Camping and Caravan/Camper passes are ONLY available for FULL weekend Season Ticket holders. Alternative camping is available in the vicinity. (See Helpful information).

Souvenir Programmes
Souvenir programmes will, again, not be posted out this year, although you will be able to pay in advance (£4.00) and collect them when you arrive at the festival to pick up your tickets. We will endeavour regular programme information is posted on the web site.

Refund Policy
It may be possible to apply for a refund, via the festival office, for up to 50% until 31st March 2021.
Sorry, we cannot give refunds from 1st April 2021.
Tickets are only transferable in advance of the weekend via the festival office
or emailing: ticket.transfers@chippfolk.co.uk.

** Misuse of the family bundle options, will lead to investigation into the order and possible cancellation of the order in full.

Chippenham Folk Festival COVID-19 Fighting Fund

Since the Chippenham Folk Festival 2020 festival was postponed until 2021, the festival now has two years worth of running costs to cover from one year's festival income.

We are a Community Interest Company, run entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis, so please help us cover these costs and avoid potential cuts to infrastructure and content, with donations to the festival, showing your support through these hard times, and keeping this festival going for present and future generations to enjoy.

Adam Courthold - Festival Organiser