24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Dance displays
On:Sunday 26th May 2024
Starting at:15:30
Finishing at:16:00
Where:Upper High Street

From: 15:30
to: 16:00
The Knots of May
We are from Lewes, East Sussex and this year are celebrating our 50th anniversary. We perform dances from NW of England, and also from Europe and America.
Theale Tattoo
Theale Tattoo are a Step Clog team based in Theale in Berkshire, dance both English and Welsh traditional clog styles. A mixture of routines, some learned and some we have written ourselves.
Yateley Morris
The Yateley Morris Men have been in action since 1975 and are based in Yateley, a village tucked away in the North East corner of Hampshire. However, our members come from a wide catchment area.
From: 10:30
to: 11:00
Cry Havoc
Cry Havoc Morris hails from Botley, Oxford, performing dances from a variety of traditions including Headington, Bampton, Adderbury, and more.
Malmesbury Morris
We are a mixed side who perform both traditional and modern dances in Cotswold and Border styles.
Taylor's Morris
Harry Taylor’s Morris are dedicated to performing, developing and promoting the Longborough tradition.
From: 11:00
to: 11:30
Bow Brook Border Morris
A traditional border Morris dancing side from East Worcestershire. We meet once a week to practice dances then hydrate in the pub...
Devizes Jubilee Morris
Acclaimed for our fresh, fast and entertaining style. The majority of our dances are in the Cotswold Style, with a bit of Border Morris.
Somerset Morris
Ladies Cotswold side from Bristol/Bath area. Also do stave dances, which originate from the Friendly Societies (early form of insurance companies).
From: 11:30
to: 12:00
Ely and Littleport Riot
Ely & Littleport Riot Border Morris is a Fenland morris side who perform traditional and original dances in the Border style.
Black Adder Morris
We have written most of our dances ourselves and they are loosely based on the North West Morris style. We are celebrating our 40th birthday this year.
The North British Sword Dancers
We perform rapper and longsword dances from Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Northern England (but not Yorkshire) with, we are told, style and panache.
From: 12:00
to: 12:30
Mary Rose And Royal George
Mary Rose and Royal George are a Portsmouth based dancing team, who aim to bring a lively new approach to the entertaining morris style of dancing.
Whitethorn Morris
Ladies North West morris team from Harrow. Blue dress and mill girl's hat, red apron. Whitethorn celebrated their 40th birthday in September 2017.
From: 12:30
to: 13:00
Pigsty Morris
A mixed Cotswold side from Pigsty Hill, Bristol now in our fortieth year. We do a mix of traditional dances and our own dances true to those styles
Temporary Measured
Temporary Measured are a Mixed North West Morris enthusiastic team based in Washington, West Sussex
Mortimer's Morris
Mortimer's Morris are an energetic women's North West side from Nottingham dancing to tunes from across Europe.
From: 13:00
to: 13:30
Steampunk morris
The name says it all! Morris dancing in an unwritten alternative future. Mostly modern tunes.
Bell's Angels
Ladies Cotswold Morris team dancing with colourful hankies and 3 sizes of sticks, based in Holt village, Wiltshire, near Bradford on Avon and Bath.
Mixed Border morris team from Somerset with turquoise and black tatters and bags of attitude.
From: 13:30
to: 14:00
Aldbrickham Clog and Step Dancers
Aldbrickham dance traditional dances from all over the British Isles in both clogs and shoes.
Sweet Coppin
Ladies Clog/North West side based in Taunton. Green dress with red-fronted waistcoat with pale green back. Red stockings and black clogs. Garland dances use decorated hoops.
From: 14:00
to: 14:30
Billy No Mates Morris
An Open Morris jig side, just one dancer with musician. Two old Morris friends dancing just for fun and entertainment.
Sutton Masque
Sutton Masque is a Morris dancing side from Sutton-in-the-Isle in the southern reaches of the Cambridgeshire fens.
Camden Clog
Camden Clog are based in Camden, where they dance and teach the East Lancashire clog style of Pat Tracey.
From: 14:30
to: 15:00
Ouse Washes Molly Dancers
Creating and performing traditional molly dances from The Fens of East Anglia
Sweet Rapper
Ladies rapper side -
From: 15:00
to: 15:30
Dawnswyr Tipyn O Bopeth
Tipyn o Bopeth perform traditional Welsh dances in instantly recognisable costumes.
Galliard Folk Dance Group
We meet to dance English and Welsh country dances from 17th century publications to the present day.
Sussex Junction Morris
Sussex Junction Morris are an energetic mixed cotswold Morris team drawn from across Sussex

Ending at: 1600