24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
On:Monday 27th May 2024
Starting at:14:00
Finishing at:15:00
Starting Location:Market Square
Also at:Community Stage, Borough Parade, Island Park Stage, Lower High Street, Middle High Street, Rose and Crown, Upper High Street

Participants in order:

Ouse Washes Molly Dancers (Molly)

Creating and performing traditional molly dances from The Fens of East Anglia

Folk Friendzy (Clog, Morris (northwest/border), Rapper, Irish)

Since 2004 Folk Friendzy have encouraged young people from mid-Derbyshire to learn and perform various types of traditional dance in an exciting way.

Chippenham (Cotswold)

Our local Cotswold Morris. Widely travelled stars of TV, film and pop video, they have been going nearly as long as the festival itself.

Hips and Haws (North Wiltshire)

Hips and Haws are a Chippenham-based female Clog morris dance side who perform dances in their own style, and some step dancing traditions.

Rag Morris (Cotswold/Border)

Rag Morris is a vibrant and enthusiastic morris side based in Bristol. We dance mainly Cotswold traditions, with just a dash of the Welsh Borders, and you can easily spot us in our eclectic multicoloured tatterjackets and bells.

Shoostring (Appalachian)

Appalachian team from South Wales, dancing to traditional bluegrass music.

Sussex Junction Morris (Cotswold)

Sussex Junction Morris are an energetic mixed cotswold Morris team drawn from across Sussex

Taylor's Morris (Longborough)

Harry Taylor’s Morris are dedicated to performing, developing and promoting the Longborough tradition.

Yateley Morris (Cotswold)

The Yateley Morris Men have been in action since 1975 and are based in Yateley, a village tucked away in the North East corner of Hampshire. However, our members come from a wide catchment area.

Wild Thyme (Border)

Instant Border morris team. They provide the tatter jackets and sticks. You provide the body. No experience required.