24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Contra Sutra (USA)

Contra Sutra (USA)

Contra Sutra began in 2009 with some wild ideas and a bunch of Dave Bartley tunes. Over the years and tours we’ve rotated fiddlers and percussionists as Dave, Marni, and our improvisational wackitude, approach to matching tunes to dances, and deep dive into Dave’s ouvre continue to define the ineffable Contra Sutra experience.

Dave Bartley is a dynamic and versatile dance guitarist/etceteraist and tunesmith. He has previously appeared at Chippenham Folk Festival with KGB, Roguery, and Bag o’Tricks. https://davebartleymusic.com

A brilliant fiddler, Ben Schreiber has rocked the contra dance world with Uncle Farmer, the Dam Beavers, numerous other groups, and has written some great tunes! https://www.bschreiber.com/

Marni Rachmiel has been playing winds for Contra & ECD wherever she’s been let to since 1990. Now that she’s re-matriated to Seattle, Contra Sutra rides again!

Programme for Contra Sutra (USA):

Sat 25th May 202409:30-11:00Let’s Be DifferentNeeldNicola Scott
Sat 25th May 202411:15-12:45Travelling CompanionsNeeldLynne Render
Sat 25th May 202419:45-22:45Contra Dance St Paul'sRachel Shapiro Wallace
Sun 26th May 202414:00-15:30Something BorrowedSports HallMike Courthold
Sun 26th May 202415:45-17:15Beyond the Duple ImproperSports HallRachel Shapiro Wallace
Sun 26th May 202419:45-22:45Contra DanceNeeldLynne Render
Mon 27th May 202414:00-15:30Dances From WilliamsburgNeeldNicola Scott
Mon 27th May 202415:45-17:15TeamworkNeeldBruce Hamilton (USA)