24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Fay Hield Trio

Fay Hield Trio

Fay teams up once again with Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron to tour Wrackline. Exploring ideas of the space between, Wrackline looks to ghosts, fairies, spirits and talking animals to understand what it is about the unknown that entrances us. Working with traditional materials and ideas, Fay explores the feelings they evoke and how they relate to her experience in the contemporary world. Universal ideas of death, love, motherhood echo through time and space. Playing with these difficult ideas through the eyes of an unobtainable other, whether that be the spirit of a dearly departed, a fairy from another realm, or the thoughts animals have, gives us space to work through very real social problems. Shifting between lighthearted stories about drunks sitting with pigs, to darker questions about infanticide, Fay breaths life and meaning into old stories presenting them with a fresh twist and consummate musicianship from Sweeney and Harbron including fiddle, concertina, guitar and banjo. Expect to be enveloped in music, woven through magical stories and teased into thinking about your relationship with the world around you.

Programme for Fay Hield Trio:

Sun 26th May 202410:00-11:00Songshop: Access Folk Fay HieldCause AuditoriumWeekend or Day tickets Only
Mon 27th May 202419:30-22:00St Andrews EveningSt AndrewsWill Allen (musician), Debra Hannis (solo)Weekend, Day or Event tickets Only (£22)