24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27


Get ready to be swept away by the infectious rhythms and spirited melodies of Random, the beloved English Ceilidh Band! Since 2000, we've been captivating audiences with our unique blend of tradition and innovation. In 2015, Random celebrated its 15th anniversary with a whirlwind of performances at major festivals and Ceilidhs. However, after this milestone, we decided to take a well-deserved break. Changes were in store during our hiatus, with one member retiring and another relocating far away, presenting logistical challenges for rehearsals. Despite these changes, our passion for music never waned. Now, we're back and bursting with excitement! Introducing our refreshed lineup, featuring the extraordinary talents of Penny Kempson-Neumann on Fiddle, Adam Courthold on Drums, and Tyler Kempson-Neumann on Keyboard. Alongside founding member Paul Nye on Melodeons, these exceptional musicians bring a renewed energy and creativity to Random. Under Paul's guidance, we've seamlessly integrated new members into the band, preserving our distinctive style and tune repertoire while also exploring fresh arrangements and original compositions. Join us on this musical journey as we embark on a new chapter with Random. Prepare to be enchanted by our dynamic performances and vibrant tunes. Welcome back, Random – let the music play on!

Programme for Random:

Sun 26th May 202412:00-14:00Buttercross CeilidhMarket SquareFee Lock (Band)