24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Bagas Fellyon

Bagas Fellyon

"A gloriously chaotic groove juggernaut"! Bagas Fellyon experiment with and innovate within the growing Nos Lowen style of Cornish traditional Music. Bagas Fellyon (Cornish for the Band of Fools) is a recently formed collective of musicians brought together by the fiddle player Neil McMahon. Initially as a project to promote the album “Hitching Ships” by Cornish studio-based duo Fools Rock. Following this sell-out gig, the band soon took on a life of its own with its boisterous groove centric approach to Cornish Nos Lowen music.

Programme for Bagas Fellyon:

Fri 24th May 202423:00-23:45Late Night @The Cause Cause Auditorium
Sat 25th May 202412:00-14:00Buttercross CeilidhMarket Square
Sun 26th May 202417:30-18:30Bagas FellyonCommunity Stage