24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
The North British Sword Dancers

The North British Sword Dancers

Coming on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

The North British Sword Dancers were established over 30 years ago to perform sword dances from the British Isles. We have no home town, preferring to use practice meetings as an excuse to explore different parts of our country. We currently perform six different dances, some traditional and some our own, danced with rigid blades (‘longswords’) or with flexible ones (‘rappers’). We have members living in England, Scotland, Belgium, and Germany and are bound together by a love of sword dancing, curry, and Harris tweed. We also drink beer. We aim to dance abroad at least once a year and are delighted to have been invited to Chippenham (admittedly, not abroad, unless you are our Belgian/German contingent). We hope that we are a friendly team (nobody actually bites, anyway) so come and talk to us about sword dancing, the weather (we are British, after all), or anything else.

Programme for The North British Sword Dancers: